Association of Jewellers and Watchmakers of Czech Republik (further AJW CR) introduces itself:

Who are we?

The AJW CR is a volunteer, non-governmental, professional association. Its members are an association of companies and individual businesses that deal in the jewellery, horology and other related businesses.

What is the mission of the AJW CR?

The mission of AJW CR is the following:

Protect the common and specific interests of its members.

What is the programme of the AJW CR?

For its members the AJW CR:

If you need any information, please feel free to contact:Post address: Sdružení klenotníků a hodinářů ČR, Kozí 4, 110 00 Praha, Česká republika (Czech Republic) +420 603 882 783Web-side:,, With best regards,Mr. Zdeněk Hlubucek Mr. Jan Hlavac President of the AJW CR General Secretary March 5th, 2003.